Welcome to Stray Alien Music.  (Registered on 16th November 2007, copyright 2003).

Hi, my name is John Tucak, the bassplayer, and "founder" of "The Galaxies", "The Clique", and about 35, of about 40 bands that I worked with in Australia, between 1965 and 1976.

Originally this business was planned to maintain and promote the original music of The Clique - of Stray Aliens,  affiliated music composers and bands.

However, since mid-February 2010, I have been actively promoting the music of SetungGal, outside of their homebase in Bali, Indonesia.

"The Clique" & "The Memphis Connection":

The Clique only released one single in February 1967: 'Love Me Girl' b/w 'Stop Look & Listen'. ( It only reached number 21 on the Radio 6PM Top 40 Charts, in Perth, Western Australia, although it was released worldwide through "Astor" Records).

The inspiration for this site arrived with the local release of 'Rubberneckin' by Elvis Presley in 2003, where a main line of the song is 'Stop Look & Listen' - Is My Philosophy!

" It is my considered opinion"  that either the songwriters, or Elvis, had heard The Clique song "Stop, Look & Listen" - liked the theme, and wrote a "Complementary Sequel"  to the song, which was described as "Rubberneckin".

In 2003, BMG advised that the original version was recorded in 1968, but was "shelved" - or not considered for a major release, until the "remix" version arrived - and was a hit!  Perhaps, they had assumed that The Clique single was released by an American band also called The Clique, which had released other singles at that time, and the existence of two bands of the same name, might have posed copyright or legal problems. The other possibility that may have contributed in the decision to shelve "Rubberneckin" was that the record label ("GO!! Records) was in "receivership" by 1968, which had nothing to do with "The Clique" directly, but it did alter their future outlook.

"Rubberneckin" was included in the 1970 Elvis movie "Change Of Habit" but went completely unnoticed by The Clique, who maybe just needed to......................."Stop, Look & Listen" to make "The Memphis Connection"!

So in 2003, The Clique became "The Clique - Of Stray Aliens"  (Australians), a valid description of a process of alienation experienced within the Australian Music Industry at that time, and continues in some areas today. (A short history of The Clique - Of Stray Aliens can be found via the link at the top of the page).

A more recent example: In 1968, I used to jam with a great guitarist named Dave Hole, and a drummer named  Paul Johnson. By 2010, The Dave Hole Band     would have to be the most widely recorded band to come out of Perth, Western Australia, having released more than 6 albums. They accomplished several successful tours of the US, South America and Scandinavia where they have a strong base of fans - yet I have never heard their music being played on radio in Western Australia!................................................................... Why?


In just one steamy night at "Zappaz" Bar &Restaurant in Bali, I fell in love with the music ofSetungGal! At the time, they had Widya, Lucy, and Randy out front, with a great four piece backing band. Widya has about the same vocal range as Tina Turner, with a similar "rasp" (timbre) in her voice.

I look forward to the release of their first single: "Love Me, Girl" (by Lenny Hayworth)!

(If...... "The Easybeats" played "The Clique" track, I believe it would sound like this........)

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