SetungGal is the resident band at "Zappaz" Bar & Restaurant (CafeBar), Seminyak, Kuta,

Bali, Indonesia:

In February 2010, after a dinner with friends at a nearby restaurant in Seminyak, Bali on a Saturday night, I asked Augustus, our local guide, if he could show Michael Sutra (from Melbourne) and myself, where we could check out a local band. Over the previous weeks Michael had been through a traumatic break-up with his partner of the last 2 years, or more, ( a girl from Bali ), and I was hoping that a few drinks and a live band would take his mind off the bitter confrontation that occurred when they met at Goran's Birthday Party on the previous Wednesday night.

Augustus, an electrical engineer, had wired the sound and light systems for many of the clubs in Bali, and knew which ones provided "live music", So he led us to "Zappaz" Bar andRestaurant.

We chose a table with a good view of the band, and the guys ordered bottles of "Bintang" (a local beer), while I was sipping bourbon and coke.

So,in just one steamy night at "Zappaz" Bar &Restaurant in Bali, I fell in love with the music ofSetungGal!

 At the time, they had Widya, Lucy, and Randy out front, with a great four piece backing band. Widya has about the same vocal range as Tina Turner, with a similar "rasp" (timbre) in her voice.